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Dr. Charles and Dr. Crist do an amazing job at Hi-Tech Chiropractic. I will be the first to admit that I was not a believer in chiropractors but had known Dr. Crist for years. I had never had any back problems until about 3 months ago, when I hurt my back and could barely walk. In a very short amount of time, they had me back to normal and functioning again. I continue to do well under periodic treatment. A big thank you to them and Delcina. My husband is also a very satisfied client of theirs and his back is better than it has ever been in 20 years!
– Cassie E.

I started at High-Tech with shoulder pain I had for years and could not get rid of after going to other chiropractors. After the first couple of visits I could already tell a huge difference! Now I hardly experience even tightness in my shoulder. TY High-Tech!
– Lana N.

Their name says it all. They are definitely high tech. The Cunico family offers the latest in groundbreaking techniques for back and neck problems. My wife and I are regulars because our visits always result in effective, quick relief. Highly recommended.
– Jim L.

This is the best place to go if you want to be treated right. Excellent Staff! Personable and nice! Great with working with your schedule. Gets you going right after the first visit. made all the tension I had go away almost immediately and then kept working on me to make my spine correct again. Super nice chiropractor, talks to you and gets to know you which is not something all places have. Great equipment to do all your chiropractic needs. Would recommend to anyone!
– Angela T.

As a medical physician I respect their Hi-Tech approach. They do not do any twisting or cracking. This is a good thing. They have the knowledge and equipment to get you well fast! Ruben Tejada MD
– Ruben T.

LOVE YOU GUYS! 😉 only 4 appts thus far and feeling SOOOO much better! Thank you thank YOU! ;)~a
– Amy L.

They are awesome!! I have been coming here for over 2 years and wouldnt ever go anywhere else. I was the BIGGEST chicken when it came to getting adjustments at first, but they made me feel so comfortable and with the technology they use, it wasnt like the normal style of adjustments…it was so much better. If you hurt at all…go see them!!!!!
– Stephanie S.

I can’t believe the difference in how I feel.My pain level has went from about a 9, down to around a 4 after only 3 visits!! I am very impressed with Dr. Cunico and his staff. I would recommend Dr. Cunico to anyone who is experiencing pain.
– Sandy B.

Great people- its great to have an office that has both experience & new technology to help help get you back on track with daily life!
– Brandon W.

The Cunicos are absolutely fantastic. They are the absolute best at solving neck related problems. After a car accident, I was unable to turn my neck for a year until I used their SpineMed system for decompression – a huge difference. My children have even been treated for sports related injuries and pains. Charles has just joined the practice, and has brought some very effective new equipment. Highly recommended.
– Michelle R.

I came to Hi Tech Chiropractic with 4 problems, I left with none. Dr Charles Cunico is great with his patients, He truly knows how to satisfy needs of the patient and answer all questions to the full extent. I highly recommend Hi Tech Chiropractic and will definitely return in the future.
– Justin R.


Feeling in toes and feet returns because of chiropractic care!