Here at Hi-Tech, we believe in providing services that allow your body to take back control of its’ healing mechanisms. One of the ways we can help you achieve this is through massage therapy.

Massage therapy addresses the pain and dysfunction of the soft tissues. Massage can be used for preventative, wellness, or restorative motives. Some of the most common ailments massage can benefit are headaches, back or neck pain, anxiety or depression, sport or vehicle injuries, TMJD, and high blood pressure. Every massage is a customized treatment for your unique body type and condition. Goals are made prior to each session to ensure maximum results.

Patients who receive both chiropractic care and massage therapy in our office will enjoy benefits such as longer-lasting adjustments, less pain, and better sleep! We work hard to find the root cause of your pain and address it directly to prevent a recurrence, rather than just treating symptoms.

Come and experience the difference massage will make in your wellness routine.

If you have any questions about massage therapy, contact us today at (479) 361-1112.